Keeping Your Confidences

Author: Helen McGhee, - 15 Jan 2021

Helen McGhee considers the legal rights which allow individuals and companies to resist the disclosure of confidential evidence, and the limitations surrounding legal privilege.

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The new powers tackling promoters of avoidance schemes

Author: Helen McGhee, - 14 Oct 2020

Under new proposals in draft Finance Bill 2021, HMRC will have wider information powers and be able to impose tougher sanctions on those who continue to promote or enable tax avoidance schemes. Whilst a robust approach to tackle unacceptable behaviour by a minority of promoters is entirely welcome, the new rules would arguably impose unnecessary administrative burdens on those operating within the law.

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Draft Finance Bill 2020–21—promoters and enablers of tax avoidance schemes

Author: Helen McGhee, - 09 Sep 2020

Helen McGhee, senior associate at Joseph Hage Aaronson LLP, shares her insights on the Draft Finance Bill 2020–21 and its impact on promoters and enablers of tax avoidance schemes.

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Apple and Ireland Win €13bn State Aid Appeal

Author: JHA, - 15 Jul 2020

The General Court of the European Union has today annulled the Commission’s decision regarding two Irish tax rulings in favour of Apple. The Commission had considered that the two rulings constituted State Aid, granting Apple €13bn in unlawful tax advantages.

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The Price of Property

Author: Helen McGhee, - 06 Jul 2020

Helen McGhee looks at the present state of UK tax rules that must be considered when owning and disposing of UK property.

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Inheritance tax problems in Finance Bill 2020

Author: Emma Chamberlain CTA OBE, - 06 Jul 2020

The rules on excluded property trusts are due to change with effect from royal assent. These changes are complex, and the new rules can have an unexpected and retroactive effect. Emma Chamberlain explores these rules to determine whether it may be necessary to exclude the settlor going forward as a beneficiary.

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Trust Registration Service- 5MLD update

Author: Helen McGhee, - 06 Jul 2020

HMRC’s Trusts and Registration Service (TRS) was born back in 2017 as part of the implementation of 4MLD. 5MLD  has mandated notable amendments to the operation of the TRS that clients and practitioners should not overlook. We have created a Q&A to help to navigate the new upcoming compliance obligations.

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DAC6 – delayed but be alert!

Author: Helen McGhee, - 24 Jun 2020

Helen McGhee discusses the announcement by the European Commission, proposing to delay disclosure deadlines imposed by DAC6 by three months.

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A legislative flood

Author: Helen McGhee, - 19 Jun 2020

Helen McGhee asks whether the deluge of new legislation designed to prevent tax avoidance has really been necessary

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Comment: How to reform inheritance tax

Author: Emma Chamberlain CTA OBE, - 11 Jun 2020

The current IHT system is generally regarded as unsatisfactory and generates relatively small sums for HMRC, comprising less than 1% of total tax revenues. Emma Chamberlain OBE discusses the potential for changes to the IHT provisions.

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