UK Treasury Committee recommends an overhaul of the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Financial Crime Regime

Author: Polly Lloyd, - 28 Mar 2019

A recent Treasury Committee report contained its recommendations on both the anti-money laundering and sanctions regime. It proposes that the Government should undertake a far-reaching overhaul of the current legislation and systems.

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JHA celebrates International Women’s Day 2019

Author: JHA - 08 Mar 2019

Friday 8 March is International Women’s Day, which celebrates women’s achievements around the world. This year the theme is #BalanceForBetter in recognition of the on-going global push for professional and social equality. Described as a ‘business issue’, the aim of the theme is to encourage gender balance in boardrooms and the media as a way

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2019: What lies ahead – Uncertain times linked to increased disputes and investigations

Author: Polly Lloyd, - 22 Jan 2019

Economically and politically there will be uncertainty in 2019. Brexit, the Trump Administration’s trade disputes with China and others

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Swedish Cross-border Group Relief Cases – AG Kokott’s Opinions – Swedish rules compatible with EU Law

Author: Michael Anderson, - 18 Jan 2019

Advocate General (AG) Kokott has issued her opinion in two cases concerning claims for group relief made by Swedish companies for the losses of wholly-owned direct and indirect subsidiaries established in other EU Member States. The opinions are in line with the AG’s consistent approach that the “no possibilities” test in Marks & Spencer (C-446/03)

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HMRC introduces a new Profit Diversion Compliance Facility

Author: Michael Anderson, - 14 Jan 2019

HMRC appears to have concluded that significant numbers of businesses have yet to align their transfer pricing policies with the transfer pricing outcomes of the OECD/G20 BEPS Project. HMRC has accordingly introduced a new Profit Diversion Compliance Facility (PDCF) to encourage multinational enterprises (MNEs) to make voluntary disclosures about any transfer pricing arrangements that fall

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Smaller Firms are Best Placed to Nurture Legal Talent

Author: Polly Lloyd, - 10 Jan 2019

Law firms look set to expand their legal teams in the first half of 2019, with a particular focus on their disputes practices. Yet new research, recently shared in the Global Legal Post, suggests that there is a lack of skilled lawyers, legal secretaries and paralegals available in the market to meet this expanding demand.

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The UK Government announces new measures to tackle money laundering in the wake of the Danske Bank Affair

Author: Polly Lloyd, - 21 Dec 2018

This month, the UK Government has announced new measures to increase further transparency and tackle corruption. 

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Data Protection and the Rights of the Ordinary Individual

Author: Steven Gee QC, - 18 Dec 2018

“If men will have multiple injuries, actions must be multiplied too; for every man that is injured ought to have his recompense” (Chief Justice Holt, 1704) The predictions of flood gates opening and US class actions coming to the English courts following the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have been exaggerated; there

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HMRC Tax Disputes Taking Over Three Years To Resolve

Author: Polly Lloyd, - 04 Dec 2018

Companies are facing greater inconvenience and expense as the duration of HMRC investigations continues to grow. The average time large businesses can now expect inquiries to last is 39 months. 

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How veganism can support wellness in the workplace

Author: Polly Lloyd, - 30 Nov 2018

In recognition of November being World Vegan Month. Increasingly, companies are growing to understand and engage with the multiple benefits that a healthy diet such as veganism can bring to their businesses. Big names endorsing the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products include IBM, Qualcomm, PwC, Caterpillar, General Electric, Volkswagen, Google, Facebook

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