Foreign doms – the new regime. IHT changes to residential property

06 September 2017
Author: JHA

Step UK Annual Tax Conference 2017

Keeping up with tax changes always presents a challenge and this election year has thrown up particular difficulties. Above all in the new regime for non-domiciliaries and offshore trusts. The residential nil rate band is now up and running whilst the pension revolution continues to perplex. Recent years have seen a whole battery of provisions aimed at UK residential property and change may be on the horizon in the area of BPR and APR. Meanwhile CGT continues to create difficulties. Add to this the professional conduct issues that arise for practitioners when giving tax planning advice and this year’s course is a must attend event.

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Emma Chamberlain OBE TEP, private client barrister at Pump Court Tax Chambers and partner at Joseph Hage Aaronson LLP will be lecturing on Foreign doms – the new regime in Newcastle, Manchester and London, covering the following topics:
Packed with quality content, this conference provides essential guidance on the current and future developments in tax.

  • Becoming deemed domiciled – the new IHT, CGT and income tax rules; avoiding deemed domicile
  • Rebasing and cleansing – some problem areas
  • Key check points for trustees settlor and beneficiaries
  • Tainting of trusts and trust protections
  • IHT changes to residential property and enveloping
  • New two year rule
  • Loans to purchase property
  • Problem areas

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14 September, Newcastle
21 September, Manchester
29 September, London
12 October, Belfast
18 October, Bristol

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