President Yanukovych is no longer listed as a “wanted person” by Interpol

21 July 2015
Author: JHA

This press release can be downloaded as a PDF here.

President Yanukovych is no longer listed as a “wanted person” by Interpol, as can be easily checked by a search of the Interpol website identifying people who are “wanted” ( The Interpol Red Notice (an international request made by Interpol seeking the location and arrest of “wanted persons”) concerning President Yanukovych, which was published around 12 January 2015, has ceased to be in force. Further, Interpol member countries have been blocked by Interpol from access to data concerning President Yanukovych held by Interpol.

This action by Interpol follows an application to Interpol by Joseph Hage Aaronson LLP on behalf of President Yanukovych seeking his removal from the Interpol list of “wanted persons”, including on the basis that criminal charges brought by the new regime in Ukraine against President Yanukovych were part of a pattern of political persecution of him.

Interpol has found that elements available to Interpol of Ukraine’s case against President Yanukovych, upon which the Red Notice concerning President Yanukovych was based, raised concerns which necessitated a further in depth study by Interpol of that case.

In the light of those findings, around 16 July 2015, Interpol, amongst other things:

  1. suspended the Red Notice;
  2. removed the extract of the Red Notice, showing President Yanukovych as a “wanted person”, from the Interpol website; and
  3. blocked access of Interpol member countries to Interpol data concerning President Yanukovych.


Enquiries to: Joseph Hage Aaronson LLP, Tel: +44 (0)2078518888

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