Adam Bates
Partner, Forensic Accountant

Adam Bates Partner, Forensic Accountant

Adam qualified as a chartered accountant in 1986 and has more than thirty years’ experience of forensic accounting in fraud, asset tracing, and regulatory investigations. Much of this work was undertaken in foreign jurisdictions across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Before joining JHA in May 2015, Adam was chair of KPMG’s Global Forensic practice, a role that has given him unparalleled experience of coordinating investigations across multiple jurisdictions. In previous roles at KPMG he had led the firm’s UK Forensic Accounting practice and its 1,200-person Risk Consulting practice.

At JHA, Adam and his team of Forensic Accountants and researchers use their investigative and numeracy skills to assist clients and JHA’s solicitors and barristers establish the facts. This may be determining the ownership of assets, tracing transactions through accounting records, analysing and presenting complex financial data, interviewing witnesses and gathering other forms of accountancy or financial evidence.


Adam has significant financial sector experience, having been seconded to the Bank of England to advise on the creation of its Special Investigations Unit, during which time he also assisted with the BoE’s investigation into the collapse of Barings Bank.

Since then Adam has been involved repeatedly in investigations into alleged money laundering, sanction breaches and management fraud. He was seconded to the UK’s Serious Fraud Office for its investigation into Polly Peck and more than 20 years later gave evidence at the Old Bailey trial of Asil Nadir.

Adam’s style is hands-on. To ensure he is able to advise his clients more effectively, he usually wants to see and test the evidence for himself. For example, while assisting the Iraqi Governing Council unravel the oil-food scandal in Baghdad, Adam interviewed senior Iraqi civil servants and personally examined fire-damaged documents in war-damaged ministry buildings and in the Central Bank of Iraq. His hands on approach means that he has extensive international experience and has worked in Brunei, Japan, Singapore, China, India, Iraq, Dubai, Liechtenstein, Guernsey, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Kuwait, the U.S. and many other jurisdictions.

Practice Areas

  • White Collar and Corporate Investigations
  • Asset Tracing
  • Cyber blackmail
  • Regulatory breaches

Admissions and Affiliations

Chartered accountant, England and Wales


Manchester University, (1983) Electrical and electronic engineering

Chartered accountant, (1986)